5 Ways Branding Affects Marketing

Branding is the backbone of marketing. Without a brand, your business won’t be distinguishable to current or potential customers. Branding gives your company a cohesive feel across all media by creating aspects such as a logo, tag line, color scheme, and an overall message that give consumers the opportunity to decide how you stack up against the competition before ever meeting you. Here are the top five ways branding can affect your marketing strategy.

Minimizes marketing pitfalls. When a business brand is not established, it can overcomplicate digital, print, radio, and television advertising efforts. With a logo, color scheme, and tag line, a brand can convey a clear image and message in any advertising platform. If your company is recognized for its image or slogan, your customers can search it online finding all available media related to your business. A marketing strategy that is not cohesive can confuse customers which can lead to increased advertising expenses down the road.

Makes your business memorable. Who can forget the McDonald’s “M” or Apple’s “Bitten apple?” No one can and no one will, because of expert branding techniques. Branding can give your company an unforgettable message and feel for your customers. They will never have to guess what industry you are in or what products and services you offer, because your message will be clear from the start.

Creates brand loyalty. Brand recognition is the leading customer loyalty initiator. When your customers know your brand, they are much more likely to make a purchase from your business leaving the competition in the dust. Your image and message is clear for customers to make quick evaluations taking the guess work out of the decision making process.

Establishes company credibility. Elements of your branding strategy will tell your customers much more than you may think. Color choice, logo shape, font style, and tag lines can express your business type, products, services and values before ever stepping foot in your door.

Conveys dedication to the consumer. Most have heard the saying, “in order to get respect, you have to give respect.” The same principle applies to customer loyalty. Companies that have taken the time to create a trustworthy brand image often have the most loyal customers. This is a common consequence of proper branding techniques, because the consumer equates a company’s dedication to its brand to as a sign of dedication to its customers.

While branding is not a substitute for great products and services, it does work in congruence to convey this fact to directly to your customers. It is the first image or message your potential customers will receive. You’ll need branding experts to help make your first impression is long-lasting, effective, and accurate. Marketing firms employ branding experts that can help you get your new business started on the right track or they can revamp your branding strategy for an established company.

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