What Is a Brand Voice?

Most companies think of branding in terms of the visual designs of their website and marketing collateral; in reality, branding entails much more than that. While physical design components like color palettes and font are important, another essential factor that gets overlooked by most businesses is voice. Voice establishes consistency in the tone, word usage, message, and values of a company. Our Orlando branding agency specializes in the development of custom brand messaging to help businesses cut through the noise and stand out from competitors.

Give Your Business Some Personality

Take, for example, Coca-Cola – they’ve built an international empire based on principles of friendship, joy, and social connection. These values are reflected acrossall facets of their marketing, specifically through the language and imagery used throughout public-facing content. The website features photographs of young people having fun and engaging in meaningful interactions with others (while enjoying a coke, of course). The famous “Share a Coke With ____” campaign remains a global success that showcases the positive values embraced by the company.

How to Create a Brand Voice

The key is to choose a set of values and characteristics that define who you are as a business, then integrate those characteristics into every aspect of your marketing plan. Your voice must maintain consistency across all channels, including your website, products, social media profiles, billboards, digital ads, and print materials.  A strong voice is essential to building brand loyalty; consumers are more likely to feel a sense of admiration and connection towards your company if it appeals to their values. Using voice to invoke certain emotional responses like humor or passion is an effective means of marketing that goes beyond basic advertising. Creating a persona for your business is important because it distinguishes your brand from the masses and helps build consumer loyalty. Schedule a consultation with our branding agency to start strategizing on how you can build the perfect voice for your business.