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    Visual Brand Consultation, Strategy & Design

    Brandcoders is a boutique Orlando branding agency that specializes in brand consultation and design services including strategy, custom logo design, style guides, business cards, packaging, and much more. We’ll work together with your team to learn the company’s goals, purpose, and personality to create the perfect brand identity and showcase the value of your products or services in a visually impactful way. We offer professional Orlando web design services for businesses of all sizes and industries from local restaurants to national construction companies.

    Logo Design

    A logo is a symbolic image that incorporates the objectives, persona, and visual identity of an organization. We will work alongside you to develop a custom logo that stands out while capturing your company’s core services and character.

    Brand Guidelines

    Guidelines document your visual branding elements and how to properly use them with descriptions and examples, ensuring consistency across all platforms. They should be referenced during the creation of any print or digital materials.

    Stationery & Letterheads

    Business stationery encompasses any physical print materials that are distributed to customers or employees. Our branding experts specialize in the design and printing of custom envelopes, folders, letterheads, business cards, and more.

    Company & Product Naming

    Choosing a name for your product or company is a pivotal decision that requires a lot of patience and collaboration. Your name shapes your identity, tells consumers who you are, and has to leave a big first impression in a short period of time.

    Brand Messaging Development

    Sending the right message is important. Brandcoders specializes in company messaging and positioning including taglines, mission and vision statements, voice and tone, values, elevator pitches, and everything in between. Messaging establishes the tone and personality of your business and is reflected in all public-facing and internal content including its website, advertisements, press releases, blog articles, letters, and emails.

    Tagline & Slogan

    The right tagline is critical to your brand and can take months of research, brainstorming, and adjusting. Enlist our help to develop a powerful slogan that captures the essence of your business and the attention of your audience.

    Company Values

    Values tell potential and existing customers what your business believes in, practices, and seeks to achieve in the future. Strong values strike an emotional chord while encouraging people to support and invest in your services or products.

    Mission Statement

    Your mission statement is a concise but compelling sentence that describes the day-to-day actions and initiatives your business takes to accomplish its future goals. A mission defines what a company is doing now to succeed tomorrow.

    Voice & Tone

    Voice is the language and tone used in all communications including web copy, e-mails, flyers, and advertisements. We can create a voice that personifies and distinguishes your company while positioning you as an industry leader.

    Vision Statement

    A vision statement outlines the overall objectives and purpose of your organization, specifically its business goals for the foreseeable future and what it is striving to achieve within its industry.

    Brand Guidelines

    Guidelines present and explain your brand identity and how to effectively use it on every channel, including instructions and examples of proper usage of your logo, fonts, color palette. Having a documented brand book is important to establishing consistency and legitimacy, especially for newer companies. This document should always be referenced when creating content, imagery, or marketing materials of any kind.

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    Brand Story

    Your brand story explains the history of your company including why and when it was founded, how it operates on a day-to-day basis, and what objectives it is setting out to achieve.

    Visual Identity

    Visual identity includes design elements like logos, typography, and colors. Guidelines describe how to correctly apply these elements to avoid misrepresenting or cheapening your brand.

    Applications & Usage

    Brand consistency is maintained by applying the instructions in your guidelines to all internal and public-facing materials such as website pages, advertisements, flyers, and signs.

    Brand Stationery

    Stationery incorporates custom branded print collateral that can be dispersed to customers or employees including folders, business cards, envelopes, reports, memos, and letterheads.

    Brand Imagery

    Imagery dictates the style, color tones, and subject material of all photography used in your marketing materials, making sure that your images always align with your content and design.

    Printing & Marketing Collateral

    Business stationery is used in internal and public-facing communications such as business cards, letterheads, envelopes, invoices, and presentation folders. Branded stationery keeps your messaging and visual identity consistent across every platform. Our Orlando digital marketing agency designs and produces printed marketing collateral that puts your company’s best face forward.

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    Business Cards

    A well-designed business card is essential for any professional and makes people want to learn more about your company.

    Envelopes & Letterheads

    Ensure that your business is well-represented in all communications with our business stationery design packages.

    Presentation Folders

    Leave a lasting impression on potential customers with branded folders and collateral that captures (and keeps) attention.

    Product Packaging

    From the coloring to the materials to the messaging, our team works to create quality packaging that tells a story – your story.

    Custom Brand Add-Ons

    Brand add-ons include non-stationary items that are custom designed depending on your needs. These items can consist of stickers, signage, apparel, fleet graphics, and other products that can be used for marketing purposes. Make an impression with high-quality branded merchandise that makes people want to learn more about your company.

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    Mood Board

    A mood board is a collage of various images, text, and other objects that communicate your brand identity in a fun, unique format that sets the mood for anyone viewing your brand book.

    Apparel & Uniforms

    Whether looking to improve cohesiveness and professionalism with new uniforms or promote an upcoming event with custom shirts, we design print-ready artwork for all types of apparel.


    Stickers can be a fun option for happy clients and employees to show their pride in working for or with your business. From standard shapes to die-cut options, our team can do it all.


    Leave-behind accessories are a great way to leave your mark on potential clients or partners. We design branded merch like pens, shirts, and notepads to make sure your business gets noticed.

    Fleet Marketing

    Auto wraps are a valuable form of marketing and can capture thousands of impressions per day while your employees work, leading to organic phone calls and leads with minimal effort.


    Creative Branding Agency in Orlando, FL

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    As a top creative agency in Orlando, FL, we work to develop new solutions and long-term partnerships with our clients.  Whether looking to create a new brand from scratch or refresh your company’s current guidelines, we offer custom brand consulting, strategy, and execution for businesses of all sizes and industries in Orange County, Central Florida, and the U.S.

    If you’re a business owner or individual looking for Orlando motion graphics services to elevate your visual content, call today to schedule a free consultation with our team. We look forward to speaking with you and learning more about your vision!

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    We had a very specific vision for our website redesign. The team at Brandcoders made that vision a reality and we are reaping the benefits tenfold.

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