What Is the Purpose of a Logo?

A logo is one of the most important elements of your brand. It is oftentimes the first thing consumers see when they research your company or stumble across your content in public. A successful logo is simple yet impressive, leaves a lasting impression, and is easily distinguishable. A logo should also align with other branding elements such as color palette, values, voice, and website aesthetic. It is confusing and off-putting for consumers when they encounter an inconsistent brand. Your logo should accurately represent what your company does while remaining clean and visually appealing. Companies typically spend tons of money on creating and choosing the right logo. Certain best practices can be used to streamline the logo design process and save associated costs.

Hire a Logo Designer

One way to achieve a powerful logo is to hire a professional branding agency or designer. While this is often the more expensive route, it is also the most effective if you do not already possess an in-house designer who can create one. Many companies invest in third-party contractors because they do not have the design and marketing expertise required to produce a strong logo. Most design teams are willing to work with you to construct a logo that aligns with your requirements and current branding elements.

How to Create the Perfect Logo

A useful tool is detailed questionnaires and interviews. These enable the designer to have insight into your brand and its personality, color scheme, voice, and overall mission. This, in turn, allows them to create a logo specific to your company that corresponds with the rest of your design elements. With regards to branding, consistency is key. As an example, think of large companies like Disney and Coca-Cola. These are corporations with very strategic, powerful, and cohesive branding. Their logos, fonts, color schemes, language, and message are all tied together and reflected the same way across every platform.

While a third-party company might be required to execute logo design, your feedback and input as a business owner are just as important. A design team can create something that looks good, but a logo without a purpose or story behind it is merely a pretty picture. Working in collaboration with your design team is important in order to capture the essence of your brand and produce a logo that is aligned with your company. Schedule a consultation with our Orlando branding agency to discuss your needs and start developing your visual identity.