Benefits of a Creating a Brand

You’ve created a business and it’s growing due to your hard work and dedication. However, when it comes to marketing and branding for your company, your business might be lacking. You may ask yourself, “What is the value in having a clearly defined brand?” Establishing a cohesive and discernible brand allows for improved recognition and exudes professionalism to your audience, which in turn increases customer trust in you. Brand trust leads to an influx of inquiries and sales. While sometimes overlooked or undervalued, a branding guide is the foundation for building any true, powerful brand.

What Are Brand Guidelines?

A branding guide is a document developed by a graphic designer to document your branding and marketing assets across all media platforms – from web to screen to print. Essentially, it is a set of rules and guidelines explaining the elements — fonts, colors, logo, etc. that make up your brand. It also includes explanation of how to properly use these elements so that your branding remains consistent across different media, resulting in improved brand consistency and recognition. Most companies hire a professional branding agency to help them strategize, design, and create a brand book for them.

Things to Include in Your Brand Guide

At its most basic form, a branding guide will typically contain selected fonts, a color palette, and company logo presented with guidelines. More detailed branding guides include proper usage & misuse cases for logos, fonts, colors, and other elements including backgrounds, icons, and patterns, as well as an explanation of your company and your brand’s voice. More fine-tuned versions also contain social and digital media guidelines, a mood board (images style/photography), and examples of company stationary.

Get a Custom Branding Package

A relatively small investment in a branding guide today can provide you with a foundation that you can build upon to create consistency that can be referenced by future graphic designers, interior decorators, and large-format printers to maintain your brand image. BrandCoders graphic designers possess the talent and drive to create tailored branding guides for your company. Schedule a consultation with our Orlando branding agency to learn more about our packages.