What Makes a Strong Company Logo?

Whether or not consumers are aware of it, their personal spaces are infiltrated daily with marketing ads for a host of products. From a print advertisement enticing you to hit up the drive-through at McDonald’s, to a TV ad for Coca-Cola, we are constantly encountering the marketing efforts of large and small companies alike. The core of a strong advertisement campaign for any brand is a memorable logo. Who wouldn’t recognize McDonald’s golden arches or the familiar cursive Coca-Cola text? So, what is the actual purpose of a company logo? What makes a strong company logo?

The Logo Creation Process

A company trying to establish a recognizable brand invests heavily in the development and execution of a strong company logo. During this development phase, the goal is to generate long-term recognition and establish brand independence from others in the industry. It is imperative for clients to recognize the significance of the logo creation process, not just the final product. The path to get to the finished polished product is just as important as the logo itself.

Initial Research & Development

On the road to developing a strong logo, the designer and client alike must allot ample time for conceptualization and multiple design iterations. The consumer should be wary of designers who jump into the design without collaborating to gather introductory information. Specifically, the client must educate the designer on their offerings, brand voice, and target audience. The skilled designer will ask a series of questions to better pinpoint the direction of the logo.

Applying Elements of Color Theory & Design Psychology
1. Color Theory

For the seasoned graphic designer, logo design is not arbitrary. In contrast, it is thought-out based on elements of color theory and psychology. In reference to the company information gathered upon initial meeting, the designer makes recommendations regarding color use. For brands hoping to express confidence and peace, blue may be a suggested color, while brands looking to convey sophistication, incorporation of black into the design may be recommended. Moreover, the designer utilizes the color wheel to determine complementary colors that would coincide with the brand image.

2. Design Psychology

Design psychology also applies to shapes, including font shapes. The introspective designer considers the role of shapes and how they can be incorporated into the design of specific logos. For brands exemplifying traits of unity and friendship, circles may be recommended, while for companies boasting professionalism, straight lines may be of benefit. While considering these elements, the designer begins designing initial logo mock-ups.

Client Feedback & Revisions

After initial submission of mock-ups to the client, feedback is sought out. The prudent designer hopes to gather information regarding the client’s likes and dislikes regarding color, font, and design, and tweak appropriately. After revision, the logo is presented to the client again, and additional feedback is desired. The back-and-forth nature of the process allows for the designer to get closer to client’s desired final logo while still ensuring that it represents the company’s core values, culture, services, and mission. A client should be skeptical of quick designs that are trendy and not considerate of the brand and what it represents.

Different Digital Formats

Once the final logo has been selected, digital forms of the logo will be needed for online marketing and print marketing. For web, file types such as PNG or JPG at different sizes are needed. For print, a full-color logo in vector form, PDF or EPS is typically needed so the quality is preserved. Embroidery requires a one-color logo that is more simplified for better results. The novice designer may not provide all digital formats, which can be problematic for the client when attempting to use the logo across different mediums.

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