We Bet Your Business Needs an App

Why Your Small Business Needs an App

More and more companies are investing in custom business applications. While building an app can become expensive and time-consuming, it is a massive return on investment. Many business owners think that apps only benefit larger companies that already have an established following and client base, but this is not the case. Small businesses actually have more to gain from applications; a custom app has powerful expansion capabilities including product marketing, user engagement, brand recognition, and streamlined operations.

During the planning phase of an app, you must first identify business pain points and strategize on how to alleviate them within the app. If you’re a newer company trying to generate leads, your app might be focused around sales and product marketing. If one of your struggles is unorganized or inefficient processes, you might invest in a project management app that centralizes workflows. The goal of a business application is to provide solutions and maximize efficiency, outreach, and overall revenue.

An example of successful small business app strategy is demonstrated by the story of Remix Coffee Co., a community coffee truck in Cape Girardeau, Missouri. The owner decided to invest in an application that allowed customers to earn loyalty rewards and receive live updates on the truck’s location. Post-launch metrics showed an 85% increase in sales with a 10% upsurge in repeat customers. By evaluating the needs of her client base and strategizing ways to increase revenue, the owner received a successful app that benefits both the business and its customers.

This case is one among millions of small businesses that have benefited from custom app development. The future is mobile, and the need for applications is becomingly increasingly crucial to the growth and long-term success of companies. The return on investment is well worth the additional time, budget, and effort required to properly plan and develop a successful business application.

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