The Value in Taking a Stand

Making an Impression

Most companies think of brand exclusively in terms of the visual design of their website, products and marketing collateral. While appearance and composition are important aspects of branding, it encompasses so much more than that. A brand represents the values, personality and purpose of a company. By incorporating ethics into its branding system, a business has the opportunity to garner public interest and loyalty while promoting positive values.

Taking on a Moral Cause to Bolster your Brand

A great example of successful ethical branding is the recent announcement that Facebook and Instagram are now banning all content relating to white nationalism and racial hate groups. This decision, while clearly well-intended, also presents a certain level of risk. These companies will undoubtedly face public backlash from those who take issue with censorship, regardless of necessity or positive outcome. That being said, the benefits far outweigh the risks when taking into account the amount of public support these companies will receive as a direct result of this policy change. This is the beauty of integrating a conscience into your business plan; it solicits the perfect amount of both controversy and allegiance. Taking a stance on current social issues appeals to the passionate side of consumers and invokes powerful emotional responses. Whether these responses are positive or negative, one thing is certain: your brand has made an impression. The potential repercussions are well worth the benefits of expanding your customer base and associating your company with a moral cause.

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