Taking the Time to Invest in Your Brand as a Foundation Item

Why are branding guidelines important?
Many companies think of branding strictly in terms of a logo or slogan. In reality, creating a brand entails so much more; branding also encompasses the personality, voice, mission, language, and color scheme of a company. Publishing an official style guide is an important foundational aspect of any business. These guidelines provide the basis for all website content, marketing collateral, advertisements, social media, and all other public-facing material going forward. Branding guidelines typically include details and examples of proper use of color palette, typography, logo, tone, and imagery.

Why should companies invest in branding style guides?
Establishing strong branding standards ensures consistency across all channels. It is crucial to implement the same tone, look, and message across different mediums. Uniformity is key to a successful brand; consumers are more likely to recognize your company and be impressed by its attention to detail.

Effective branding is designed to invoke positive emotional responses in people and, in turn, convert them into customers. This concept has been successfully executed by Coca-Cola; the “Share a Coke” campaign was a worldwide success and perfectly exemplifies how to align branding with marketing efforts. This campaign not only drew global attention and drove sales, it did so while emphasizing company values of inclusiveness, friendship, and human connection. Successful branding integrates personality with sales tactics to increase revenue.

Aside from establishing the look and voice of a company, branding guidelines also give the opportunity to set certain standards and restrictions on the use of visual elements. You get to dictate how your logo, typography, watermark, icons, and color scheme are implemented across all facets. Branding guidelines give a company more creative control over itself.

Documented brand guidelines are a powerful way to lay the creative foundation for your company. It serves as the source of truth with regards to designing your website, communications, and marketing materials. The additional hours and money are well worth the huge return companies experience from successful branding.

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