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    Our Specialties

    Enterprise Web Applications

    Web apps built on a microservices architecture with custom integrations, automation, user management, and ACL.

    Business Workflow Automation Apps

    Applications that automate day-to-day business operations and enable teams to produce more with less time and resources.

    Cloud-Based SaaS Applications

    Cloud-based infrastructures that allow business owners to scale quickly at any time and only pay for what they need.

    Single-Page Apps

    Single-page applications that use time-tested UX Principles and allow users to accomplish more with far less frustration.

    Our Tech Stack

    Frontend Development

    Our app developers build out seamless graphical interfaces with security, user experience, and best practices in mind.

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    Backend Development

    Backend coding involves buildout and optimization of the application’s database, server, architecture, and functionality.

    DevOps & Infrastructure

    Account for long-term scalability with continuous integration tools, deployment automation, and AWS containers.

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    Roofing Company Minimizes Overhead, Automates Project Management

    A roofing company encountered significant financial loss as a result of inefficient project management workflow and lack of accountability.

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    Medical Services Application Sees Over 1,000% Growth In Single Year

    A medical company was losing ROI due to overly tedious workflows that required physicians to spend extra time on manual assessments and paperwork.

    Pharmaceutical Company Expands Into New Markets

    A pharmaceutical company was spending significant time, effort, and staffing on having to manually generate reports for various contractors.

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    Our Process


    Technical Consultation

    Discuss technical, functional, and infrastructure needs with client to finalize an approach.


    Project Planning & MVP Scoping

    Develop requirements for business use case of application and scope for minimal viable product.


    Wireframing & Style Guidelines

    Create UX/UI wireframes for every interface and branding guidelines for colors, font, and style.


    Interactive Prototyping

    Test app functionality and UX with interactive prototypes that streamline the UI design process.


    Infrastructure Design & Automation

    Design and provision appropriate cloud infrastructure for your needs while while prioritizing scalability.


    Backend Services Development

    Strategize, develop, and test backend components including databases, APIs, and hosting servers.


    Frontend Interface Development

    Develop front-facing interface that users will see and interact with such as screens, buttons, and text fields.


    Quality Assurance & 
Cross-Browser Testing

    Create manual and automated processes for specified checkpoints to ensure adherence to standards.


    Automated Testing

    Create manual and automated processes for specified checkpoints to ensure adherence to standards.


    User Acceptance Testing

    Ensure that all business requirements are met using UAT test cases and scenarios to confirm objectives.


    Cloud Infrastructure Provisioning

    Deploy appropriate scalable cloud infrastructure taking into account your immediate and future needs.


    CI/CD Pipeline Integration

    Automate the delivery process and reduce downtime with a Continuous Integration/Delivery Pipeline.


    Retainer-Based Model

    Purchase hours or scope to make progress on new features and modules while staying within budget.


    Project-Based Model

    Engage our team on a per-project or per-feature basis as-needed.

    Progressive Apps With Enterprise Functionality & Scalability

    A web application is a long-term investment that increases productivity, performance, and ROI. Our Orlando web application development company specializes in custom web-based systems designed to solve your set of unique business problems. With the right planning, development, and testing, an app has the potential to significantly reduce labor costs, maximize accountability, improve communications, and increase the overall value of your company.

    User Roles & Permissions

    Manage user roles, permissions, and security with a custom ACL (access control list) system that allows you to centralize information 
or workflows while restricting them to users of 
your choosing.

    Custom Workflow Automation

    A web application allows for end-to-end business process automation to save both customers and internal team members time, effort, and expenses. Streamline time-consuming and frustrating workflows that are costing your company.

    Text & E-mail Notifications

    Most of us receive several notifications each day from programs installed on our mobile devices. Our team can integrate custom notification features into your application including automatic alert text messages, e-mails, and push notifications.

    Custom Billing & Invoicing

    A billing platform tailored to your specific invoicing and payment needs has the potential to streamline your entire accounting workflow, saving your company valuable hours, resources, and money.

    Custom Sales CRM

    Our app development company can design a custom CRM (customer relationship management) system designed to capture and manage leads, streamline the sales process, and use predictive metrics to help you perfect your strategy.

    Document Management

    A custom document management system enables users of your choosing to easily generate, share, submit, and manage important documents and files from anywhere in the world at any time.

    Authentication & Security

    Protect your data with powerful security measures including two-factor authentication (2FA) and SSL encryption. Users can access the system from any device through a password-protected website.

    Custom Reporting

    Create seamless drag-and-drop reports that capture trends, changes, and predictive analytics tailored to your specific business goals. A custom reporting system provides you and clients with 
the insights to optimize your strategy and get the most ROI.

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    Web Application Strategy, Design & Development

    Brandcoders specializes in application development services including user interface design, coding and development, testing, consultation, troubleshooting, and support. We engineer custom solutions to industry-specific problems, allowing clients to improve internal operations and provide a better customer experience.

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    Product Strategy

    We work together with clients throughout Orlando, FL and across the U.S. to identify the appropriate application phases and features necessary to develop a minimum viable product (MVP). We continue working post-launch to further develop every product based on live user behavior and analytics.


    Scalability must be accounted for during the initial planning and development phases to avoid future complications and the huge costs associated with fixing them. We build our applications right the first time, ensuring that your app continues to grow alongside your business.

    Product Engineering

    With years of experience in end-to-end product engineering across industries, we possess the capabilities to optimize costs, performance, and features to create a product that generates substantial ROI. Our software engineers are well-versed in all leading languages, frameworks, and cloud-based server infrastructures to ensure long-term performance and stability.

    Agile Project Management

    We help facilitate a successful product lifecycle by developing strategic software roadmaps, conducting extensive market research, and using enterprise-level project management software to track ticket creation, prioritization, and task management.

    UI/UX Design

    User experience is one of the most important components of a successful application and a huge factor in user interest, behavior, and conversion. Our app developers work in parallel with our in-house UX/UI design team to produce optimized interfaces that convert through functionality, layout, and content.

    Testing & QA

    Thorough and accurate testing is crucial to the success of any application. Our application development agency has dedicated QA specialists and advanced automated testing technologies that detect and rectify in-app errors, reducing development time and ensuring a higher quality product.

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    Schedule a Consultation With Our Orlando App Developers

    If you are a business owner looking for qualified Orlando app developers to build out your product, contact our sales team to schedule a free technical consult. A mobile or web application has the potential to automate repetitive tasks for a more simple, efficient, and accurate workflow. Schedule a consultation with our Orlando digital marketing agency to discuss what a custom web app can do for your business.

    From startup branding to custom 40-page websites, our Orlando branding agency has the resources and experience to handle all of your marketing needs under one roof. Submit a contact form request or give us a call to discuss your goals, struggles, and vision for the future of your company. In addition to mobile apps, we are also a growing Orlando search engine optimization agency, and Orlando web design agency that specializes in all channels, platforms, and industries.

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    We had a very specific vision for our website redesign. The team at Brandcoders made that vision a reality and we are reaping the benefits tenfold.

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