Should My Company Hire a Web Agency?

Building a website can be as easy as 1-2-3, or so it may seem. In actuality, creating a well-structured and aesthetically appealing website can be quite complex and relies on the expertise of several different professionals. To begin, a project manager is an integral part of our web development team—gathering client information and assets, establishing the look, feel, and direction of the site, setting milestones and deadlines, and acting as the client liaison during the development process. From there, an array of professionals partakes in working on the site. A graphic designer creates mock-ups of the site’s layout and color scheme based on a creative brief completed by the client. After the design has been created, the designer relies on the client for feedback.

Modifications are performed after a back-and-forth review from the client until the ideal design is achieved. A content writer researches the subject matter related to the new site, deciphering keywords for SEO purposes, and then carefully crafting readable and informative copy for users to interact with on the site. Web programmers focus on the backend development of the site, coding it for optimal functionality and usability. As the site nears completion, the project manager utilizes an extensive checklist to verify that all components of the site are completed appropriately. Once verified, the site is ready for launch.

5 Reasons Why You Shouldn’t Hire a Solo Web Developer

Enlisting a professional web design agency is the best move when it comes to your business website.


There are many “one-man show” type developers who boast that they can create an award-winning website. While we wish this was the case, oftentimes it’s simply untrue. Many freelancers have a basic understanding of web development, but they lack the skills to be experts in all areas of development. Perhaps they have no understanding of graphic designs, color theory, or aesthetically appealing layouts. Maybe they don’t understand how to generate engaging and SEO-friendly content. Perhaps they don’t know how to code a site for optimal use or discoverability through search engines.

The BrandCoders team possesses a diverse skillset to execute high-ranking websites. We have experts in every domain of web development — programming, graphic design, and project management–to ensure that your site contains all the pieces it needs to be successful on the web.

Not Meeting Deadlines

A “one-man show” is simply just that. One person is oftentimes unable to keep up with the demands of their projects, as it is very laborious. There are not enough hours in the day to manage all their tasks, and because of that, your project many times gets put on the back burner, with milestones and deadlines being missed. For businesses looking to get a website up and running quickly and efficiently, missed deadlines can be frustrating. With client cooperation and responsiveness, the BrandCoders team is dedicated to meeting milestones and deadlines, as we understand the importance of every project.


The “one many show” type of developers are usually extremely busy programming, which does not allow for much time to answer client calls. As a customer, you hope that your concerns can be addressed quickly, and that is frequently not the case when dealing with a solo freelancer. Brandcoders finds it imperative to address client questions and concerns quickly and efficiently. Our team takes pride in responding to clients the same business day, providing the responsiveness you deserve.


Change of business address? Want to add a new page to your site? These website edits are frequently occurring for customers. The solo freelancer generally does not prioritize these edits as they do not generate much revenue. This leaves the client waiting and wondering if and when their edits will be made. The project managers at BrandCoders are eager to help clients who need site edits. When simple in nature, they are oftentimes performed in a couple of business days. For those edits or additions that are more involved, a project manager will discuss a timeline with you and get your project on the calendar promptly.

Website Access

After you pay for your website, at any point you should be able to gain ownership of it. At times, individuals report that they were unable to gain ownership of their sites due to inability to reach the freelancer or reluctance on the freelancer’s end. For clients in financial good standing, this can be nerve-wracking and leave them feeling like they are left in handcuffs. Brandcoders believes in providing clients with what is rightfully theirs. Should clients desire ownership of their site and be in good financial standing, we are happy to provide them with full ownership of their website. Schedule a consultation with our Orlando web design agency to develop a custom strategy for your success.