The Value of Asking the Right Questions

As a fast-growing digital marketing agency, we are constantly reviewing and analyzing the needs of our existing and prospective clients. Asking questions is crucial to building out websites that meet the needs of our customers; we require information such as their business goals, how they want their website to look, what services they want to promote, and who their target audiences are. Without client input, we are simply creating a pretty website with no purpose behind it. Discovery interviews are necessary to implementing the right structure, coloring, content, and user experience.

From a design aspect, questions are focused on the look and feel of the website, as well as any existing brand elements that could contribute to site design. Does the client have an existing logo and brand guidelines? What are their desired color palettes and font types? Do they want their website to feel playful and bright, or more professional and upscale? What type of imagery should be used? Who are they marketing to? What visuals would appeal to that target audience? These questions and more are a great way to determine a design strategy that caters to client needs while also taking user experience into account.

Our development team might have a totally different set of questions for the customer. When building out a website, it is important to understand what technical features, structure, functionality, and navigation the client is looking to implement. Do they require a simple website with minimal customization and pages, or a more largescale layout with complex and scalable features? Who is their target audience and how should the site be structured to appeal to those users? A developer can create a functional website that looks good, but they need to know the “why” behind it in order to achieve real quality.

Content is another crucial aspect of any website. In order to create high-quality content, a web copywriter needs to know certain things about the business and what they are trying to achieve with their website. What is their company voice and how should that be incorporated into their written content? Who are they targeting and what language works best for that audience? What makes the company different from competitors and how can that be highlighted? Aside from informing users of a company’s purpose and services, content is also important for marketing efforts. Factors such as call-to-action placement, headers, location callouts, and content structure are important to user experience and can be used to increase sales.

Regardless of industry or company size, it is imperative to ask the right questions when strategizing about a website build. A site may look stunning and functional but without any goals behind it, it’s just taking up space on the internet without benefitting anyone. Schedule a consultation with our Orlando web design agency to start strategizing on how we can deliver the best website for your goals, industry, and budget.