What Is a Call to Action?

The call to action – a critical element of marketing yet many companies do not make proper use of it in their materials. A call to action (or CTA) refers to any element designed to prompt an immediate response or sale. Picture the “Buy It Now” or “Sign Up” buttons you see in e-mail advertisements, but never use them; these are bland and generic CTAs that should be avoided if possible. You’ll want to implement something more creative and personalized.

How to Create a Good CTA

A CTA should grab the attention of users while encouraging conversions. It is an essential factor in driving traffic through your sales funnel, increasing lead generation and attracting business. When creating a CTA, consider two questions: what do you want consumers to do and why should they do it? The goal is to identify your target audience, the actions you want them to take, and how to subtly convince them to take those actions. Our Orlando digital marketing agency specializes in custom messaging and calls to action for landing pages, advertisements, flyers, marketing e-mails, and more.

Another important factor in CTA development is supporting elements, meaning the content surrounding the CTA including images, text, and color scheme. Ensure that all pictures are high-quality and reflective of your CTA purpose. Use color contrast to make your CTA stand out against other content. Social proof such as case studies and customer testimonials are a great means of garnering trust and improving CTA effectiveness. The effort of implementing a powerful CTA is well worth the return on investment. With the right wording, context and design, a powerful call-to-action is a guaranteed means of boosting conversion rates. Schedule a consultation with our web marketing agency to strategize on how to improve your current website and messaging.