Should My Company Use Social Media?

With social media on the rise, more and more companies are striving to establish a social media presence. Social media offers businesses the opportunity to significantly increase brand awareness and potential revenue. It provides a free platform where companies can market themselves and network both with other businesses and prospective customers.

Benefits of Social Media for Businesses

An obvious benefit of using social media is brand awareness. Creating and updating profiles for your business means that your marketing content can be distributed to thousands of users based on their interests, demographics, and location, drastically increasing the chances of new business. It also allows a company to get more creative with its marketing strategies and reach out to certain age groups it otherwise wouldn’t have access to. Businesses usually hire an internal social media specialist or partner with a third-party marketing company to plan and manage their campaigns.

A strong online presence is essential not just for marketing purposes, but also for building credibility. It exposes prospective customers to a your services, reviews, and reputation that haven’t found your website. While having a website is important, social media offers a third-party insight into the quality and reputation of a company. Any business can brag about themselves on a website but feedback from actual customers is much more valuable. Additionally, when a business has a strong social media presence, it creates the impression of interest and success; users think, “This company is active across multiple online platforms and must be getting a lot of business.” Social media also provides prospective and existing customers with an additional means of contacting you.

Get a Custom Social Media Strategy

At this point, social media is so prevalent that not utilizing it seems like a huge disadvantage. Many companies have started hiring employees for the sole purpose of managing and growing their social media platforms. Prospective customers are objectively more likely to invest in a company when it has an active social media presence. Schedule a consultation with our Orlando digital marketing agency to start developing your custom social media strategy.