Why Are External Links Important?

Credible resources are an integral component of any website. They are especially imperative with regards to hyper-specialized industries not easily understood by the average reader, such as law and finance. Due to the meticulous and liability-driven nature of these fields, most site users will probably need additional information on the topics at hand. Someone Googling nearby lawyers or financial advisors is likely doing so because they have no legal or financial expertise and need help navigating a situation.

Posting public-facing resources to your website is a great way to educate users on a topic they have no previous knowledge of. Aside from the obvious advantage of giving prospective customers the information they need to better seek out services, consumers often feel more comfortable when they have a better understanding of an industry vs. going into the selection process totally blind. Not only will they appreciate a company making the effort to provide useful resources, they are likely to feel more relaxed about the process and contact you for next steps. It makes a business appear more trustworthy and helpful when they provide resources outside of themselves. Partnering with a Orlando web design company can help offload the stress and nuances of resource liability.

How to Cite Website Sources

Some good examples of effective website resources are a law firm homepage with PDFs describing the various subcategories of law or a tax refund calculator on a banking website. These types of resources are useful both for educating users and encouraging them to use your services. Providing resources sends a positive message to prospective customers: that your business understands the learning curve faced by many consumers and is prepared to help. An unknowing website user is less likely to be intimidated if they have access to constructive outside resources.

Resources add value to a website, specifically when dealing with industries that are notoriously unclear and frustrating to consumers. The effort of locating and posting credible resources to your website is well worth the benefits to your users. Not only are you doing users a great service, but you are subtlety nudging them towards conversion. Schedule a consulation with our Orlando web design agency to discuss ways to improve your nresources and avoid liability risks.