How to Build an E-Commerce Website

In the current digital marketing climate, online stores are common practice and a powerful means of garnering more clientele and maximizing return on investment. That being said, properly setting up and maintaining an online store entails a lot of moving parts and complexity. Various factors such as security, user experience, testing, and content must be accounted for and implemented correctly in order to achieve success. It is important to find a qualified Orlando web design agency that understands the functionality and nuances of e-commerce.

Security is one huge factor that can make or break your online store and, unfortunately, is the downfall of many. There are several steps to take in order to ensure strong security for your e-commerce store. A basic yet important measure is to host any website or store on a secure server; server security can be optimized through features such as secure sockets layer (SSL) certificates, virtual private networks (VPN), firewalls, public key infrastructure (PKI), encryption, and more. It is crucial to establish absolute protection to allow consumers to make safe purchases through your store. Online shopping presents a different level of risk in terms of stolen financial information and theft. Therefore, your e-commerce store should always demonstrate security and credibility.

E-Commerce & User Experience

Another important aspect of your online store is user experience. Users are less likely to purchase through an online store that is convoluted, difficult to use, or that seems untrustworthy. Optimized user experience (or UX) is key to the success of your e-commerce website. UX optimization should aim to demonstrate convenience, simplicity, speed, and ensure the smoothest possible experience for users. Monitor user behavior and make personalized adjustments based on those findings. Ensure that your checkout process is straightforward, quick, and safe for all customers. Product description content must contain sufficient and accurate information. Good UX promotes user satisfaction and, in turn, a higher chance of achieving conversion.

The best way to develop successful UX is through usability testing. Testing ensures proper functionality and prevents users from being exposed to discrediting errors once your website is live. Typical practice is to first identify which areas you want to target for testing. Once scope is decided, a group of users is selected to visit your website and test all applicable functions. This allows for detection and reporting of any errors, complications, or bad UX.

These practices and more are imperative to consider when designing and setting up your e-commerce store. Online stores present a completely different set of challenges and requirements than brick-and-mortar locations. These differences must be carefully considered and accounted for in order to develop a well-received website that garners high return on investment. Schedule a consultation with our Orlando web design company to discuss your requirements and start planning your new and improved online store!