What Is Call Tracking?

Call tracking is a form of analytics that allows a company to assign different phone numbers to each of its marketing campaigns. These phone numbers are then monitored to determine metrics like call volume and length. Through the collection and analysis of this data, a business can track the success of its campaigns and use these findings to optimize its marketing plan. Partnering and strategizing with the right marketing agency can make all the difference.

For example, say a company decides to implement call tracking for three of its current marketing campaigns: e-mail newsletter, pay-per-click ads and billboards. Each campaign is then assigned a different contact number using a phone system program like Grasshopper. Each campaign will display its unique phone number to receiving customers. The company can then track each number to identify which campaign generates the most phone calls, leads and conversion. Tracking can also have additional benefits outside of analytics, such as the ability to record calls for future use.

Marketing Benefits of Call Tracking

Call tracking presents a wide range of professional benefits, including better brand awareness, higher conversion rates, financial savings and the opportunity to enhance your marketing strategy. Tracking calls lets you identify which efforts are most and least effective, allowing you to eliminate unsuccessful campaigns from your marketing plan and reduce wasteful spending. Using phone analytics to adjust your marketing plan better ensures customer satisfaction. Increased conversion means more revenue, customers and overall success for your business.

Call tracking programs utilize whisper messages, which are short recordings that play before a call is connected. Whisper messages give you more information about who is calling and which campaign they were funneled from, allowing you to better prepare for the upcoming conversation and increasing the chances of a sale. Third-party platforms like Callrail allow companies to drop a code on their website that tracks all incoming calls from all channels including organic search, ads, and social media. No matter the size of your company or which industry you serve, call tracking can bring your business great success. Schedule a consultation with our Orlando digital marketing agency to discuss your current marketing struggles, goals, and ways to improve on strategy.