What Is E-Mail Marketing?

E-mail campaigns have become fundamental to marketing as more and more businesses turn to digital platforms for their advertising efforts. E-mail marketing allows companies to reach large numbers of existing and prospective customers at the click of a button or even through automation. An e-mail campaign enables the segmentation and targeting of specific consumer groups, as well as mass distribution of marketing materials tailored to each group. These efforts are a guaranteed means of expanding customer base, increasing lead generation and achieving return on investment. It is important to find a qualified marketing agency to assist with strategy, execution, and management.

How to Create an E-mail Marketing Strategy

While allocating funds and resources is necessary for setting up your e-mail campaign, execution and maintenance are more important. Without proper strategy, a campaign cannot produce sufficient financial return and will ultimately fail. A major element that should be carefully taken into account is e-mail frequency. We’ve all received one too many e-mails from a company and clicked the “unsubscribe” button out of sheer aggravation. You don’t want to overwhelm consumers with overly frequent messages. That being said, sending them too infrequently can also be damaging. You must analyze the individual needs and habits of your customer base before deciding on a distribution schedule.

Another important aspect of your e-mail campaign is content. Every e-mail notification, confirmation, or response you receive from a company has a strategy behind it (or at least it should). Look beyond the general message you want to convey and analyze your target audiences. Segmentation is a commonly used marketing method in which companies split consumers into groups based on certain criteria including geographical location, interests, order history, etc. This allows marketers to personalize their content, increasing the chances of positive response and converting actions.

Get a Custom E-mail Marketing Plan

Having the resources and budget for an e-mail campaign does not guarantee its success; in order to garner sufficient attention and return on investment, a company must first examine the needs of their customer base and integrate targeted strategies into their campaign plan. Without a clear strategy in place, your e-mail campaign is a beautiful ship without a captain; eventually, it will drift off course and crash into a wall of rocks. Schedule a consultation with our Orlando digital marketing agency to start planning your custom e-mail marketing strategy.