What Are Analytics?

Web analytics is the collection, evaluation and reporting of data for the purposes of optimizing end user experience. Your web analytics include your page views, clicks, dwell time, conversions, and much more. The data can answer questions like who are a website’s primary visitors? What content are they viewing? How much time are they spending on which pages? Are they finding what they need? This form of data analysis is essential to monitoring online trends and optimizing a website to better serve its customer base. If you are working with a marketing company, they should provide regular reports.

What Are KPIs?

KPI, or key performance indicators, are factors used to gage user interest and behavior such as clicks, session duration, phone calls, purchases, and contact form submissions. Analytics provides a snapshot of website performance that allows a company to better understand what works best for end user optimization and what doesn’t. A business can easily follow online trends and adjust its website accordingly based on feedback from monthly data reports. Website optimization leads to heightened customer satisfaction, which in turn leads to an increase both in sales and positive reviews.

All of these combined factors can influence a company’s reputation and success. The goal of analytics is to gather information on user activity and use that data to enhance your online presence as much as possible. Providing monthly reports to a client gives the impression that your company cares about constant improvement and end user optimization. It builds trust and credibility when customers see their agency making an effort.

How to Track Website Analytics

Every company should have a Google Analytics account for its website. Gathering and analyzing data is a means of optimizing user experience and, in turn, sales. The use of Analytics has proven to increase website traffic, visitor activit, and revenue. It is one of the best tools available to optimize your marketing efforts; make sure you team is using it! Contact our Orlando digital marketing agency for a consultation.