The Importance of Communication During Web Projects

When facilitating a website project, consistent communication is key to moving the project along at a productive rate and achieving deadlines. Prompt correspondence between our team and the client is essential to maintaining the agreed upon project timelines and objectives. Our golden rule is a 2-day response rate; this means that the project manager and client respond to all correspondence within 2 business days. If no response is received from the client, a follow-up should be sent every 2 days. This rule keeps the project moving and helps avoid delays to any important deadlines, such as the promised launch date.

In addition to meeting deadlines, communication is important for us to build out a website that meets the client’s requirements and desired look. Conversations with the client about site design, functionality, content, and target audience are necessary to producing a website that fulfills their business goals and creative vision. Our Orlando web design agency requires client approval on every aspect of the website from the structure to the navigation menu to the design colors – if communication is delayed, approval is delayed and the entire project is moved back.

Website Project Management Best Practices

The consequences of poor communication on a web design project can be frustrating for all parties involved. In many situations, the project cannot move forward until the client authorizes something. This puts a hard stop on the project, which is bad for everyone. The project manager and developers cannot continue working, the project deadline is at risk, and the client may not receive their website on the designated launch date. Situations like this are why responsiveness and regular communication are absolutely crucial.

Whether you’re a client or a project team lead, maintaining punctual and consistent communication is important to the success of a website build. It streamlines productivity and results in an overall better experience for everyone involved. This is why our Orlando digital marketing agency strives to maintain a 2-day communication rule when interacting with clients throughout every project.