How Use of Specific Keywords Can Help My Local Online Presence

The Power of Keywords
Search engine optimization, or SEO, is all the rage as big search engines like Google and Bing have become the authorities on finding services and websites. A major component of SEO is keyword research; this entails researching and determining which industry-specific keywords to integrate into your website content in order to boost your website’s search engine ranking. SEO factors include which words to use, how frequently to use them, and how to structure the content. The goal is to incorporate high-ranking keywords while adhering to proper schema, which means organizing content in such a way that allows search engines to better understand and index your web pages.

A content writer or SEO strategist typically conducts the appropriate keyword research prior to creating any written website content. This research is always specific to the topic at hand and can be conducted using several different tools including Google or third-party programs like SEMrush. You should integrate both longtail and short tail keywords into your content; longtail keywords consist of 3-5 word phrases while short tail keywords are typically only 1-2 words. Longtail keywords are generally more specific and less popular among online searches, making them more targeted. Short tail words are more commonly searched phrases.

For example, if writing copy for a website that advertises a line of skincare masks, an applicable longtail keyword might be “Brand Name + all-natural face masks” and some short tail keywords could be “skincare” or “acne.” Longtail words are less common but target users who already know exactly what to search for and use more specific terms vs. someone blindly Googling “face masks” to see what’s available. The use of both longtail and short tail keywords ensures the targeting of as many relevant users as possible.

Location, Location, Location
Keywords can also be used to enhance a company’s local or geographical online presence. Someone operating a single-location bakery in Orlando is going to market themselves differently than a national restaurant chain like Olive Garden. Local keyword usage includes geo-targeted terms like the name of a city, local attraction, or location-focused phrases such as “near me.” This allows companies with few or specific locations to boost search engine rankings among users searching for services within a certain area.

Make Your Presence Known
Keyword research and implementation are well worth the additional time and effort for any business. This process allows companies to boost organic website traffic and, in turn, public awareness and sales. Business owners can target thousands of internet users daily and ensure that their websites are being seen by the public. If done properly, keyword SEO is a guaranteed means of increasing website traffic, customer base, and revenue.

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