Expand Your Brand Recognition with a PPC Campaign

Clicks for Cash In the current digital marketing climate, pay-per-click (PPC) is one of the most popular methods of boosting website traffic and spreading brand awareness. Companies pay to have their websites linked at the top of SERPs and each time a user clicks the link, revenue is generated to pay the search engine. You’ve seen them listed at the top of your Google results labeled as “ad”. Let’s examine the various benefits to incorporating PPC advertisements into your marketing plan.

Grow Your Business The obvious advantage to using PPC is expanding brand recognition. The higher ranked your website is on Google, the more likely prospective customers are to click on it and discover your business. The more people use your services, the more positive reviews you can garner and the more credibility your company builds. PPC is sometimes labeled as expensive but you only make payments if and when your advertisement is clicked (hence the name pay-per-click). This payment system ensures that your money is well-spent on a service that contributes to ROI. You can also set the amount paid per click and the maximum total spending limit, ensuring that you remain on budget throughout your marketing campaign.

Another great PPC-related practice is remarketing; this term describes when users continue seeing advertisements for your company on other pages after leaving your website. This guarantees that users are continuously exposed to your brand outside of your website, greatly increasing chances of conversion.

Get There Quicker A major appeal of PPC is speed. A website can see an increase in traffic within minutes of opening a PPC account. Once you place the highest bid for the top spot on a specific keyword SERP, the PPC link is immediately visible and functional to users. PPC offers companies a quick way to garner page views and increase sales.

The SEO Factor PPC allows a business to target a specific keyword phrase or audience vs. throwing a link into the online abyss and hoping it catches a sale. If you operate a bakery in Orlando, you can purchase ads to appear at the top of SERPs for keywords relating to your goods and services. Search engines also factor in geo-targeted keywords and user location, so anyone looking for local bakeries specific to Orlando can see your website first.

PPC & Analytics Another advantage to using PPC is that it’s easily trackable. PPC performance can be integrated into your web analytics to better understand the needs of your client base. Stats are constantly updated and available through PPC software such as AdWords. Online metrics including visit counts, conversion rates and new sessions can reveal a lot about user activity and experience. Gathering and evaluating these data points can lead to increased customer satisfaction and revenue.

The Bottom Line No matter your company size or industry, PPC advertising can benefit your business in a number of ways. It’s popular for a reason; it can help develop credibility, boost brand awareness and give a company more financial control.

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