Senior Living Exchange


Senior Living Exchange is a team of assisted living experts that promotes industry growth and best practices through guided e-learning courses.


  • Logo & Visual Identity
  • Brand Messaging
  • Brand Guidelines
  • Merchandise & Stationery
  • Animations & Video

The Challenge

SLX is a collective of the most successful, respected, and innovative experts in the senior living field who share industry best practices and lessons-learned through personalized e-learning videos provided to their members on a monthly basis. They approached Brandcoders as a new company in the midst of product development looking for a partnership with the right Orlando branding agency.

They had a founding team of experts, an industry-changing idea, and an evident passion for their work, all of the elements for success with one major piece missing — they needed a brand. After multiple consultations with the SLX executive team and a visit to one of their communities, we got a thorough understanding of their culture, objectives, and vision for the company.



Digital Animation

After several in-depth interviews with the SLX team where we discussed the history, objectives, and vision for the company, our creative designers got to work. They put their heads together and developed several logos, color palettes, and font styles that personified the SLX culture.

Brand Messaging

Brand messaging tells an organization’s story including its overall purpose and desired impact on its industry or community. We created a custom messaging package complete with tagline, mission statement, vision statement, values, voice, and history.

Spinning circles

Brand Guidelines

Once all deliverables had been perfected and approved, we combined them into a professional brand book to document, display, and stipulate proper usage of every element. These guidelines help maintain brand consistency and credibility across all platforms, both print and digital.

Purple Hexagon


We Helped SLX Gain Traction & Redefine the Senior Living Industry

Now that they had the resources to market themselves, leadership could move forward with product development and planning the future launch of Senior Living Exchange. They were able to leverage their new brand identity to gain the trust of potential partners and generate interest in their business, positioning them for a successful introduction to the market.

If you are a business owner looking to grow your presence and revenue, schedule a consultation with our Orlando digital marketing agency to discuss your company’s objectives, struggles, and vision for the future.