Hoverfly Technologies is a leading manufacturer of tether-powered drone systems for security, defense, and public safety in the United States.


  • Website Branding & Guidelines
  • Product & Service Messaging
  • UX Design & Wireframing
  • UI Design & Theming
  • Video Editing
  • Website Development
  • Animations & Interactivity
  • Easy Content Management System
  • Search Engine Optimization

The Challenge

Over time, Hoverfly evolved from flight controllers to powerful tethered drones and needed a website that reflected this shift. They needed to partner with the right Orlando web design agency to build an impactful, high-end looking website that showcased their product lines

They enlisted Brandcoders to help plan, design, and develop their new site. The approach was to utilize uses high-end product photography and web design to showcase the brand. They also needed the ability to easily update the website to accommodate future expansion or changes.


Spinning Circles

UX Design

Our UX designers created wireframes based on thoroughly researched user personas to create an impactful and high-performing website. These personas were instrumental in creating an optimized layout with powerful imagery, content, and calls to action that target the right users and decision factors.

Hoverfly Wireframes


User Interface

Once we finalized the perfect blueprint, we started designing a striking user interface that could capture the quality and power of Hoverfly’s products. We achieved this through custom brand colors, high-def product imagery, and subtle animations to convey their military defense theme in a unique way.

Hoverfly mockup on macbook
Purple Hexagon
Blue Hexagon
Spinning circle
Spinning circle
Hoverfly Mockup
Blue Hexagon
Hoverfly mockup

Video Editing

The Hoverfly team provided HD drone product videos they wanted to include on the website. The challenge was to edit the videos to highlight the product’s features, stability, and precision landing in all-weather environments.


We Gave Hoverfly a Tactical Advantage


We integrated a sophisticated design, subtle animations, and commanding content that all worked in unison to reinforce Hoverfly as an industry leader. The website also has a custom content management system that can be easily updated, changed, and reordered as the company continues to grow.

The Brandcoders team created a website that successfully showcases Hoverfly’s superior tether-powered drone technology and support. If you are a business owner looking to grow your online presence and revenue, schedule a consultation with our Orlando web design agency to discuss your business objectives and problems.