Athliance App


Athliance is a proprietary NIL education and opportunity management software that empowers both students and compliance departments to operate more efficiently in the new world of college athletics.


  • Product Strategy & Design
  • UI/UX Design
  • Engineering
  • Devops & Infrastruture
  • Deployment

The Challenge

Historically, the NCAA has held a strict policy that student-athletes could not profit from Name, Image, & Likeness (NIL). In a game-changing decision, the NCAA is now allowing student-athletes to receive compensation for NIL; however, the NCAA, State Legislation, and individual Universities have established rules and regulations detailing what these athletes can and cannot do. Although there were no clear guidelines or protection for NIL deals, the market was ripe with opportunity for agencies and media buyers looking for new ways of reaching target audiences.

Athliance entered the space to help bridge the gap with an application that solved these new problems for all parties while making the company a profit. However, they needed a skilled Orlando mobile and web app development agency to help them plan and build it. Brandcoders got to work creating an app that educates student-athletes about the processes and pitfalls of NIL while simplifying and automating the input, guidance, monitoring, reporting, and disclosure processes for all opportunities.


Product Strategy & Design

Application Strategy & Design

After several consultations, our team began planning the application. The goal was to include as much functionality in the app without having many guidelines from the NCAA. We wanted to create a useful app with features that were not too overwhelming for users. Post-launch, the app continues to evolve and incorporate more features while maintaining simplicity.

App and Strategy wireframes
App and Strategy mockups
Purple Hexagon

UX/UI Design

Design System

We created a fully custom design system that includes an advanced library of all app components required for now and in the future. We modified it specifically for Athliance and have included additional features per request. Our robust system allows us to replicate designs quickly and at scale, creating visual consistency across products and a unified language within and between cross-functional teams.

Athliance style guide

Interactive Prototyping

Our team of UX designers created an interactive prototype that demonstrates how the app will look. It also provided the Athliance team with a clear picture of how the app will work, and it allowed them to add comments on the wireframes before development.

Athliance prototype

App Engineering


We used Nest.JS for the backend framework, which allows our developers to create highly testable, scalable, and easily maintainable apps. We used Next.JS for the frontend, ensuring a rich user experience, rapid feature development, and reusable components that reduce development time. We are also fully AWS and work with PostgresSQL, a robust backend database that powers our websites and apps.

Athliance app on Macbook


We have a fully automated code testing and deployment pipeline. We can also update the entire app infrastructure using AWS, spin up new environments, failover to multiple regions, automate backups, and automatically receive additional servers when needed.

Spinning circles


We deploy the desktop and mobile applications simultaneously and use Expo to manage the mobile app, which simplifies updates and automatically sends them out to users’ phones.


The amount of time, effort, and expertise we put into our framework ahead of time help us create a set of services and systems that are incredibly flexible, which streamlines the development process for all members of our team. The frontend developers have all the necessary tools up front to build a full-featured app.

Blue Hexagon
Athliance development images
Spinning circle
Athliance app on mobile and tablet views

Thanks to reactive mobile optimization, the website looks phenomenal on any device and is designed to adjust based on screen size automatically.


Our Application Put Athliance
on the Winning Team


Athliance has been leading the way and helping athletes, Universities, and compliance officers navigate the new NIL landscape. In less than six months, they have signed up with 12 schools, gained 6,000 users, submitted hundreds of opportunities, and received over 1,600 app downloads.

Together with the Brandcoders team, Athliance created a groundbreaking NIL opportunity management solution. Every aspect of the app is intuitive and strategically developed to enhance UX on all devices. If you are looking to develop a mobile application to promote your products or services, schedule a consultation with our Orlando mobile and web application development agency to discuss your business objectives, struggles, and needs.